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Auction 2005 II
Author: Varmo Pirk (1913 - 1980)
"Couple" (1959)
Material: Oil, cardboard
Measurements: 24,2 x 33,5 cm, PRIME PRICE 7 500 EEK, SOLD 26 500 EEK
Lower left: Varmo Pirk 1959
Lower right: Varmo Pirk 59
Backside: V Pirk Paar õli etüüd 1959 Parimate soovidega lugupeetud Pallaslasele tervitades Varmo Pirk 25. märts 1967
V. Pirk was born in Russia in provence of Smolensk as a son of a spirits destiller. The family came to Estonia in 1914 and settled in Tartu. Pirk studied with pauses in "Pallas" under the guidance of A. Vardi, K. Liimand and V. Ormisson. Just right before graduation, in May 1945, Pirk was arrested, being accused of working as an illustrator in "Postimees" during the war, he spent the next 9 years in a prison camp.

After returning form prison, Pirk continued to paint in the manner he had used before, but then, like many other artists, he was captured by a will to experiment and "was active in going along in connecting with new directions and styles" (H. Läti). About 1957 Pirk started out with geometrical abstract searches, his works were "quite agressive, with a strong will to express, painted in black and accented with contourlines" (H. Läti). Pirk´s figural compositions, that were notable already during the studying-years, continued to dominate also in his later creation. The man, that he depicts, "is often thoughtful and deeply absorbed into himself, but at the same time connected with the environment with thousand strands", but we apprehend this man "as an inseparable part of something gigantic and being somewhere in a protective atmosphere" (L. Viiroja). All that can also be said about the purple-yellow figures in this particular work. During his experiments, Pirk never forgot the "certain inner structure and purpose in every element", nor allowed himself to "be uncorrect in form or colour" (A. Kartna).
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